Absence Report – Certified Staff
Amendment Process
Authorization for Release of Information – to disclose to (PDF)
Authorization for Release of Information – to disclose to  (Word)
Authorization for Release of Information – to receive from (PDF)
Authorization for Release of Information – to receive from (Word)
Enter-Exit Special Education (PDF)
Enter-Exit Special Education (Word)
Excusal Form (PDF)
Expense Requisition and Claim Voucher (PDF)
Exiting a Student and Student not Eligible (PDF)
Field Trip Request (PDF)
Field Trip Request (Word)
IEP at a Glance Cover Letter (Word) 
Learning Disability Worksheet 
Manifestation Determination Review
Medicaid – Parent Consent for Release and Physician Authorization (PDF)
Medicaid – Parent Consent for Release and Physician Authorization (Word)
(Spanish) Medicaid – Parent Consent for Release of Info and Physician Authorization (PDF)
Mileage Report (PDF)
Mileage Report (Word)
Paraeducator Evaluation Form (PDF)
Paraeducator Evaluation Form (Word)
Paraprofessional Orientation Checklist (PDF)
Paraprofessional Orientation Checklist (Word)
Parents Rights
Personal Day – Professional Day Data Record  (PDF)
Prior Written Notification For Graduation (PDF)
Prior Written Notification for Graduation (Word)
Purchase Requisition Form (PDF)
Record of DCEC Attempts to Schedule Meeting (PDF)
Record of DCEC Attempts to Schedule Meeting  (Word) 
Re-Evaluation Not Needed Agreement Form (PDF)
Summary of Performance (PDF)
Summary of Performance (Word)
Staffing Notes (PDF)
Staffing Notes (Word)
Supplementary Aids and Services Program (PDF)
 Timeline Extension Request – Revised (PDF)
Transfer from out of state (PDF)
Transfer student within the state (PDF)
Transition Interview Form (PDF)
Transition Interview Form  (Word)
Transport (DCEC Student) Request Form (PDF)